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Let's get straight to the point. Our courses. We have 5 amazing courses to choose from to suit your budget and experience.

‘The Semi-Pro’ – 3 Weeks


‘The Standard’ – 1 Week


2 hour Cocktail Master Class


‘The Pro’ – 4 Weeks


‘The Taster’ – 1 Day Course

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At Manchester Leisure Academy we aim to provide aspiring cocktail bartenders the skill and the knowledge needed to break into the industry. This ranges from bar set up, attitude and cleanliness to the methods and the history of drink making. We also provide cocktail drinkers an insight to spirit and cocktail knowledge in our 2 hour Master-Classes. Run by experienced cocktail bartenders from across the industry.

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How To Get Bar work and Bar Jobs in Manchester

We’re aware at the difficulty of getting work in the bar industry and we’re here to offer a helping hand. There is a massive amount of bar work and bar jobs in Manchester but the amount of people applying for these jobs make it impossible to get your foot in the door. This is why MLA Training started, to train you as a professional bar tender and then help you get in to employment once we’ve done so. Take a look at our courses to get started on your new career in the bar industry.


Bar Tender Training Manchester

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Bar Tender Training Manchester

MLA is a new bar tender training academy based in Manchester that specialises in getting you trained and employed as a bar tender, all from the convenience of Manchester.

With industry experts and state of the art equipment, you're guaranteed to love us.

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